Bringing Mobility Experts to the Office


ErgoFox Consulting focuses on providing high quality workplace evaluations. We differentiate ourselves from other ergonomics companies by offering ergonomic assessments only done by Physical Therapists (PT’s) or Occupational Therapists (OT’s). Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are healthcare professionals that have undergone extensive schooling to both treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. By investing in Ergonomic Assessment Specialists with a graduate level understanding of human anatomy, ErgoFox Consulting is providing the highest level of service to each of your employees and to your company as a whole.


Here at ErgoFox Consulting, we do things a little differently. Rather than just providing an office or workplace evaluation, our Physical and Occupational Therapists are ready to address symptoms of discomfort to create a more productive workplace. Further interventions can include kinesio-taping, manual therapy and hand therapy to address symptoms early on. This way, your employees are receiving the best form of preventative medicine for potential musculoskeletal diseases created by prolonged strain and repetitive movements in the workplace. Healthy workers are happy workers.

Why do you need an Ergonomic Assessment?

Along with an increase in employee productivity and sense of wellness, ergonomic assessments will save your company money in the long run. By reducing ergonomic risk factors and having therapists address early signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal impairments, your company can reduce absenteeism and drastically reduce worker’s compensation costs.

If you create a safe and healthy workplace now, you can avoid these compensation claims and indirect costs of an injury later.

Client Feedback

My PT noticed so many repetitive movements that would have led to eventual issues with my lower back. She pointed out very easy changes to my mechanics and placements of tools around the bakery that could help me avoid overusing my spine in the long run. The stretches she taught me feel great and are now in my every-day routine.NataliaOwner of Little Lulu’s Bakery

My employees were very happy with the modifications that were made to the showroom. They’re working more efficiently and feel like they have less strain on their bodies by the end of the day.Irma PenunuriOwner of Burgerrock Media

The Ergofox team was so helpful in identifying ways my workstation could be more ergonomic. I also received stretches and strategies to help my upper back pain, and I can already notice a difference!Mia O’Neill